The Lanzhou Jiaotong University (LZJTU) is a public university in China. The university was founded in 1958.It has 3 campuses and one Science and Technology Park, covering an area of 104 hectares. The University now has 30,129 full-time students. These include 22,855 undergraduates, 4,035 masters’ candidates, 316 doctoral candidates, 2,663 vocational students and 260 international students. There are 2,255 full-time employees, including 4 concurrent academicians, 1,529 faculty members, 740 full professors and associate professors and over 230 high-level personnel. LZJTU has 6 distinctive and comprehensive disciplines: engineering, science, economy, management, literature and arts. There are 63 undergraduate programs, 12 college degree programs, 4 post-doctoral research stations, 6 first-category doctoral programs encompassing 34 specialties, 24 first-category Master's programs at LZJTU for full-time academic masters or equivalents.

LZJTU has achieved historic breakthroughs in enhancing its own distinctive and comprehensive disciplines such as: --Traffic & Transportation Engineering, -Civil Engineering, Environmental Science & Engineering, -Mechanical Engineering, -Control Science & Engineering, -Information & Communication Engineering, -Computer Science &Technology and Math. The University owns core technologies and superior industries in the field of wind & solar energy, green vacuum coating technology, dust proof technology, green ecological pesticide and artistic creation of traditional dyeing.

The School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering is one of the largest at the University. After 60 years of development, the school consists of 4 departments, 2 research centres, 7 research institutes, 4 laboratories and 1 experimental teaching demonstration centre. The school has 108 faculty members, including 26 Full Professors and 32 Associate Professors. The School offers education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels (Master and Doctorate), including 1800 undergraduate students, 234 masters and 40 doctoral students.

Institutions of this school related to renewable energy include: - Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering; - Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Laboratory; - Institute of Solar Energy and Environmental Engineering Application Technology.

The Institutions have 20 faculty members, including 3 Full Professors and 8 Associate Professors, and training 612 undergraduate students, 69 masters and 6 doctoral students.