WP1 - Preparation


Activities of WP1 were mainly divided into two. The first one led by eCampus, consisted in conducting a survey to: (i) assess the labour market needs and prospective for engineers with enhanced knowledge on renewable energy solutions to be integrated into the built environment and (ii) have an estimation of the demand for Bachelor, Master and PhD graduates with enhanced knowledge in this area. The results of the survey provided useful information for the process of modernization of modules at all levels developed in WP2. The second activity consisted in building up a wider network of Universities, national authorities, public organisations and local industrial companies to secure internships and employment for graduates, even beyond the project completion.

With the target of increasing the employability of graduates and the impact of the project, a survey on the labour market needs for specialists with enhanced knowledge and skills in the topic of the project was conducted in the related Asian countries during the first year of the project. Local industries, public institutions and other relevant stakeholders have been interviewed and the main results of this analysis have been presented at 100RES ICAE Conference in October 2020 and published in the paper attached.

As first outcome of this activity, the obtained results were considered in the selection of the modules to be improved according to a student-centred study approach.

Furthermore, more than 60 interviewed organizations confirmed their interest in the outcomes of the Skybelt project and were willing to join the project network to increase its success and impact. In total, more than 100 organisations are now part of the project network.